Persichetti: Parable

A parable is a short story with an intent to teach, as with the book of Matthew. Persichetti’s Parable for trumpet tells a story in much the same way.

This piece is ideal for an advanced college student with experience on C trumpet. Furthermore, Persichetti’s writing is an excellent introduction to modal and atonal solo playing, although much of this piece is loosely based in C minor.

Terry Everson’s informal recording (above) is an excellent example of this “storytelling” mindset. In a performance setting, I believe an alternative staging should be utilized in some way; isolating yourself on the stage is not very conducive to an interesting tale. Why not walk into the audience to perform this? See yourself as the wise man telling the truth to a group of children. Remember the parable metaphor!

Everson’s playing is exemplary for another reason also: the use of space. In unaccompanied playing, we often forget to really draw in the listener by taking time. Silence can be incredibly effective.


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