Fasch: Concerto in D

Much of Fasch’s music was lost during the bombing of Dresden in 1945, an unfortunate circumstance that didn’t help the fact none of his manuscripts were printed during his lifetime (1688-1758). Nonetheless, we know he had great respect from his contemporaries, including J.S. Bach.

Baroque in conception, this concerto should exhibit the light qualities of the baroque trumpet if performed on modern piccolo trumpet.

One of my favorite recordings of this is that of Wynton Marsalis on his CD that also includes Haydn, Mozart, and Hummel. I’ve also included above a English Concert recording with Trevor Pinnock conducting (one of today’s great minds on the Baroque).

One of my previous teachers, Karin Bliznik, highly advocated playing piccolo rep on C trumpet transposed down one “octave” (that is, in terms of fingerings) in order to understand the contour of the lines away from the piccolo trumpet. This advice has been incredibly helpful to me.

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